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Carlin House's COVID-19 PDF Statement:

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CDC Official Website:

Carlin House is taking many precautions to prevent the spread of COVID-19.


Below, Carlin House has issued the following statement(s):

    On behalf of Carlin House Assisted Living, and in the spirit of our transparency, we have recently experienced diagnosed confirmed COVID-19 within our facility. We are doing everything we can to ensure we stop the spread of this disease within our facility. We are in close communication with local and state health officials ensuring appropriateness of response.

    The safety and wellness of our Residents and staff has been and continues to be our top priority. We have worked in accordance to CDC and ODH guidance since pandemic onset in March. As most are aware, the global COVID-19 pandemic has delivered extreme challenges. We believe our diligent screening has provided us early detection of onset of COVID-19 symptoms facility wide. Fiercely, we have advocated for our vulnerable senior living population, our resident’s, and our staff throughout this pandemic.

    Since onset of the COVID-19 Pandemic, our staff and residents are following the recommended preventative actions. We have restricted visitors from entering our facility, cancelled all group activities, and suspended communal dining within the building. In-fact, we restricted visitors and suspended communal dining and activities prior to the Governor’s orders. Since the on-set of COVID-19 Pandemic in March, we have screened all Residents and staff as recommended. Prior to start of working shift, all staff members are screened for temperature and symptoms. Additionally, we implemented self-monitoring procedures for all staff facility wide for signs and symptoms, including temperature check prior to coming to work, notifying us prior to coming to work where we instructed them to stay home or referred for testing if symptomatic, and sending staff members home immediately if any symptom develops during the course of a shift. We have screened third party, permitted and essential workers to the care of residents. We have educated and trained staff on recommended guidance and preventative actions as to hand hygiene, social distancing, signs, and symptoms, wearing of face masks, PPE and reporting. We have educated residents and communicate with them regularly, re-educating regularly. We have regularly disinfected all high traffic, high touch areas following guidance as recommended, also disinfected all items prior to entering the facility. Facial masks/coverings have been worn as recommended. We have followed protocols and guidance for new admissions and returns from higher level care settings. We have requested proper PPE for months and have made monstrous effort to obtain supplies and proper PPE. We have made calls to 911 for each resident presenting symptoms or complaints of COVID-19 symptoms. We have sent symptomatic staff for testing when reported. We have worked with coalitions and other facilities for response planning.

    With great effort and my fierce advocacy as of May 13, 2020, we were able to accomplish approval of facility wide COVID-19 testing for all residents and all staff of Carlin House. Testing was conducted May 14, 2020. We learned most of our results May 15, 2020 and even as recent as May 17, 2020. A large percentage of our dear residents and dear staff have been diagnosed with COVID-19 sending us into resident and staffing crisis. Though our numbers are of large percentage, I am thankful to know our results in that we may have caught early enough to timely respond to rapid decline. A significant portion of residents and staff who tested positive were asymptomatic at time of testing. Symptomatic staff and residents had been tested prior to facility wide testing approval, and then re-tested during facility wide testing. Two symptomatic cases tested negative prior to approval for facility wide testing but tested positive 8 days later with facility wide testing. We are hopeful our timely action will help the many in our care. We have worked closely with Hocking County Health Department, Hocking Valley Community Hospital, Ohio Department of Health, and many other agencies and have received support in helping to accomplish facility wide testing and more. Their assistance with testing and guidance is deeply appreciated, and we extend our deepest gratitude to them.

    Prior to facility wide testing and results, we were responding to individuals presenting COVID-19 symptoms by notifying 911. Our residents were in higher care setting to accommodate recovery. Presently, because of the large percentage of COVID-19 confirmed cases, it was a consideration and plan to evacuate our facility of residents to higher care settings to accommodate. However, after calling for assistance at state level in planning and response and advocating to reduce the amount of trauma to our residents by displacing so many of them, we were granted approval upon request to shelter in place. The National Guard has responded to our request in support of our crisis. We are simply grateful to be working together with them. Words have no expression of our gratitude. I feel our residents are in good care of the Ohio National Guard, Medical Unit, and us. I too am grateful we can walk through the facility and personally see each resident. I have been in communication daily, sometimes multiple times per day with State level leaders checking in with each other as to resident status, families, and staff. Local support too has been present from HVCH CEO, Health Department, EMA, EMS and others. Thank you all! I would like to thank Fairfield Medical Center as well for responding to our needs should we have need for their hospital capacity.

    The mission of the Carlin House, and our commitment and dedication to our residents and stakeholders, has remained strong for our 16 years of operations. We continue our mission amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, and I commend the effort of my entire courageous, dedicated and committed caregiving staff. We will continue to conduct facility wide screening, monitoring for symptoms, and timely reporting, re-testing if needed. We deeply value our Residents, their families, and our staff, and we are committed to work to the best of our ability and in accordance to the available guidance to help stop the spread of COVID-19. We ask that you keep our facility in your thoughts and prayers. Pray for the recovery of all residents and staff. We appreciate your support and wish you all the best in staying safe and well.

Our Heartfelt Care,

Mindy Bailey



 In such event you acquire any questions, please do not hesitate to Contact Us directly. 



    » We are not at liberty, nor are we certified to interpret the current laws, directions, Etc. provided by ODH and the CDC. Should you acquire questions related to interpretation or further explanation, you are advised to contact ODH or the CDC directly.

─ Thank you for your time, patience, and understanding!

Carlin House Assisted Living

12 Carlin Drive

Logan, OH 43138

(740) 380-6383

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