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    Our facility has been recovered for some time now according to CDC guidelines and is with no new symptom onset of COVID-19. Screenings and symptom checks remain in place. 

    ALL precautionary measures according to guidance remain as well. Staff and Residents continuing to flow with times of the global pandemic.


    Currently, we are continuing to allow outdoor visits; screening and weather pending, etc. We will be modifying the plan according to guidance in the week to reflect what our plan will look like as to our regional/zone/county cases and should we have to restrict visitation because of increased or outbreak areas. Further updates to come with regard to this.


    We have began lunch time dining M-F in rotation of residents for those that choose to want to eat outside of their apartment. We are encouraging their social distancing interaction. Currently, we have the following in place: One (1) Resident seated per one (1) dining table during the lunch meal.

• This is for those we can maintain compliance of distancing without *challenge. ALL precautions and guidance remain in place.


    Doorway activities will begin resuming and soon the possibility of incorporating the afternoon activity at the dining table the same way we are piloting the lunch seating.


• Each must be scheduled with our Administrative Assistant & Admissions professional, no exceptions.

• All visitors MUST be screened and adhere to our outdoor visitor guidance plan.

• Outdoor visitations continue to be weather pending; we will be unable to accommodate visits in rainstorms, exceptionally hot weather, or advisory warnings for the safety of all.

• Window visits can occur at any time without scheduling.

    —  These are NO CONTACT visits, meaning: NO touching. Food, or any items are NOT to be given to residents, as this could increase risk of exposure. We are happy to help accommodate visits, however, they are as they are available. Half hour increments, NO children under the age of 12, and NO MORE than 2 visitors at one time per each Resident at this time.

** ALL must wear masks at the time of, as well as for the entire duration of any outdoor visitations. No exeptions will be made for this. *In such event an outdoor visit is scheduled, please arrive on time, and arrive prepared with the required PPE. 


— We are also happy to continue assisting with any forms of technology for communication within reason and availability.

— We continue requesting further guidance from state level frequently for a variety of items in the best interest of residents, staff and families. We continue adhering to advisory guidance to work from a best practice standard.

— We continue contact with our state Ombudsman for a variety of topics keeping the residents best interest priority, we advocate the practicality and safety for the residents and staff.

— We will continue doing the best we can, and we are proud of our residents and staff for their efforts as well.

    If we can be of assistance to you, please feel free to contact us. As always, it is our pleasure to care for our residents and to be available to families and staff in care of all.

Thank you,

Carlin House Administration

Outdoor Visitation


Carlin House Assisted Living

    Due to the Ohio Governor’s press conference release on 05/28/2020, beginning in June of 2020 Assisted Living facilities will be permitted to allow outdoor visitation. 

    However, at this time we do not have a date when this will begin for Carlin House Assisted Living. Please be patient as we attempt to plan accordingly with the best interest of our Residents and employees. 

A formal announcement will be issued once all details have been finalized.

    ─ Thank you for your patience and understanding in advance!

In appreciation,

Carlin House Administration

Coronavirus "COVID-19"

    » Carlin House Assisted Living has issued a formal statement related to COVID-19 (Coronavirus). To view this statement, simply Click Here or the link representing the option to view this statement. Thank you for your continued support during this time.

In great appreciation,

Carlin House Administration

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