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®MyCH | "Si-Ri" Program

Si-Ri → "See it-Report it!"

    ─ Thank you for taking time to learn more about our "Si-Ri" Program, or even consider reporting something you've witnessed! At Carlin House Assisted Living, we have devoted a large amount of time developing the "Si-Ri" Program to ensure our employees, visitors, and even our very own residents have the option to report something they find "unusual" within our facility, or even within a small distance from our facility. We strive to maintain an incredibly safe environment for our community; including anyone and everyone associated with us!

    In the event you have noticed anything you find unusual that you feel may be "nothing", please keep in mind that sometimes "nothing" can actually be "something" - we highly encourage you to report your experience to us A.S.A.P by clicking the "®MyCH | Si-Ri Program" button below to begin!


NOTE: You may submit anonymously should you choose not to provide your name or contact information!

Copyright © 2017 Cody Clark, CCNA - Development Director, Network Administrator & "Si-Ri" Program Developer. All Rights Reserved.

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