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Meet the friendly and well seasoned staff at Carlin House!

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Mindy Bailey, MBA

President & Executive Director

    Mindy Bailey is the President and Executive Director of Carlin House Assisted Living. Mindy has been dedicated to Carlin House since it was established in 2004, where she quickly advanced from the Wellness Coordinator to Executive Director. In November of 2013, Mindy purchased the operation under her new found business name "Eriksten, LLC.” Mindy arrived at her company name, 'Eriksten' with ease based on she and her husband's two greatest inspirations, their sons, Cody Erik and Chase Austen, merging their middle names together.

    Mindy currently holds a Master's degree in Business Administration (MBA), a Bachelor's degree in Psychology, and has maintained an active nursing license for over 20 years. She has an incredible passion for personalizing each residents experience during their residency at Carlin House. Additionally, Mindy thoroughly enjoys spending time with the resident's and staff of Carlin House just as much as her with own family. Lastly, Mindy genuinely values the lives of others who devote themselves to providing care to our ever so deserving elderly.

Phone: (740) 380-6383

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Chad Bailey, LNHA

Assistant Executive Director

    Chad joined the Carlin House team in 2015. He currently serves as the Assistant Executive Director. Chad is a Licensed Nursing Home Administrator (LNHA), and a U. S. Army Combat Veteran where he was active duty for 12 years.

    Chad believes that every resident is an extension of his own family and will ensure that they are treated with dignity, honor and respect. In his spare time, Chad enjoys his family, golfing, and other recreational sports.

Phone: (740) 380-6383

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Cody Bailey, CCNA

Development Director & Network Administrator

    Cody began employment with Carlin House in 2010 as a Resident Assistant. Thus far, Cody has gradually advanced within the organization to the administrative management aspect of the operation ─ currently holding the Development Director position. With this position, Cody assists in staff & Resident development. Additionally, Cody is the facility Network Administrator. Cody currently holds an active CCNA & CISSP Certification ─ "Cisco Certified Network Administrator", "Certified Information Systems Security Professional."


    » *As of April 2019, Cody also oversees, manages, and supervises the Environmental Department here at Carlin House.

    During his spare time, Cody is a local Firefighter, and is currently growing his own business;
professional Website Development & Management Services - which offers a large variety of add-on services such as brochures, business cards, social media management, and many additional services best suited for any organization!

Phone: (740) 380-6383

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Mark Schrader, RN

Director of Nursing

   Mark began his employment with Carlin House Assisted Living in 2019. Mark currently holds an active RN (Registered Nurse) license, and is actively serving as Carlin House's Director of Nursing (DON).

Phone: (740) 380-6383

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Samantha Schrader

Administrative Assistant & Admissions

    Samantha's passion working with the elderly was developed in 2008 when she began working at Carlin House as a Resident Assistant. Throughout time, Samantha quickly advanced within the organization to the Administrative Management aspect of the operation, currently holding the Administrative Assistant position. Samantha's essential duties consist of; payroll, billing & accounts, recruiting new employees, ensuring the business office is operating efficiently, and focuses on the admission of new residents.

    Samantha acts as a professional resource to all staff, residents, family members, and visitors. Her overall responsibilities are following up with new resident inquiries, providing tours of the facility, as well as assists with marketing practices. Samantha certainly holds herself accountable, and to the highest of standards with special regard to quality for business services, residents, and staff!

Phone: (740) 380-6383

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Jamie Hedges

Assistant Culinary Manager

    Jamie began employment with Carlin House in 2005 as a “Resident Assistant”. Throughout Jamie's eleven year term, Jamie has assisted in each individual area of the facility and its operation. Following her success and outstanding performance, Jamie currently oversees the recreation department, and has transitioned from the Life Enrichment Coordinator to the Assistant Culinary Manager position in October of 2019!

Phone: (740) 380-6383

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Teresa Barrell

Culinary Manager

    Teresa began working at Carlin House when the doors opened in 2004. She currently holds the position of the Culinary Manager. Teresa oversees the operation of the kitchen to ensure the meals are properly prepared, and delivered to the residents. You are always greeted with a friendly smile when you pass Teresa in the hallway, or when she is conversing with a resident!

Phone: (740) 380-6383

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